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Welcome to Adventure Capital, a place that celebrates the adventure of small business and the passionate entrepreneurs attracted to the challenge. These are a special breed of anarchists, with the ambition and vision to change the world. We invite you to take a closer look at their alluring businesses:

Our Investments

We support a diverse group of businesses, and behind each of these is a talented and aspiring management team. We are partners and partial owners in each of the following companies:

Black Mountain Energy, Chaordix, Curve Dental, Evoco, InnerVision, Medgate, Nipika, Pandell, Solium, Tynt

About Us

Brian Craig and Shelley Kuipers are the principals behind Adventure Capital.

Adventure Capital is an 'active' angel investor; our investments are a combination of personal capital and energy. We actively support our investments through Board and operating roles. We envision building a stable of businesses that have the ambition and pedigree to become global leaders. Early-stage investing takes clarity, dedication and patience; these are qualities we are aligned with.